Our Faculty

Our Faculty

This policy-making body of the college meets periodically at least once in three months or as frequently as necessary, discusses the agenda prepared by the Principal. It reviews the Academic performance every semester and formulates policy decisions for the betterment of Academics. The annual budget for the next financial year is discussed and decisions are recorded, after reviewing the income and expenditure of the college particularly less or excess spending in each department in the previous year.


Photo Faculty Name Designation Highest Qualification Exp in Years Specialized subjects
Faculty imageDr.G. Anil KumarProfessor & HODMTech, Phd16SE, OOAD thru UML, SPM, WS, DS
Faculty imageDr.T.K.S.Rathish BabuProfessorMTech, Phd13SOFTWARE ENGINEERING, NETWORKS
Faculty imageDr.V.Anantha krishnaProfessorMTech, Phd15Software Engineering, Network security
Faculty imageDr.J.SrinivasProfessorMTech, Phd13MANETS
Faculty imageK.C.Ravi KumarAssociate ProfessorMTech, (Phd)22DWDM, IS, NS WT
Faculty imageE.Krishnaveni ReddyAssociate ProfessorMTech14OS, C Programming, WT, Java
Faculty imageM. PragathiAssistant ProfessorMTech10DBMS, CD, LP
Faculty imageN.Sujata KumariAssistant ProfessorMTech10OS, CN, NS, OOAD
Faculty imageS. RadhikaAssistant ProfessorMTech3CN,OS,CO,java,DBMS
Faculty imageG.Nirali ReddyAssistant ProfessorMTech3JAVA, WT, STM
Faculty imageK.Rajasekhar RaoAssistant ProfessorMTech11CP, DWDM, OS, DBMS
Faculty imageM Akhila ReddyAssistant ProfessorMTech2.11PPL, DS, OOAD
Faculty imageG. DeepthiAssistant ProfessorMTech2.10STM,CN,JAVA,CC,CD
Faculty imageP.AnushaAssistant ProfessorMTech2.4DBMS,DP
Faculty imageB. Chandra ShekarAssistant ProfessorMTech2.4DWDM, CO, DIP, IOT
Faculty imageK. AnushaAssistant ProfessorMTech2.3CO,OS
Faculty imageT.KavithaAssistant ProfessorMTech2.2JAVA
Faculty imageS.AnithaAssistant ProfessorMTech2.1CC, WS, IRS, STM
Faculty imageA.SaibabuAssistant ProfessorMTech2.1java,wt,ppl
Faculty imageG.PrabhavathiAssistant ProfessorMTech7cloud computing,Asn,Web technology,Dbms
Faculty imageA.ShravaniAssistant ProfessorMTech6C,DS through C++,SE,CN,OOAD,STM,OS
Faculty imagePratibhaAssistant ProfessorMTech2Data strucutres,DAA,DP
Faculty imageL.ShivaniAssistant ProfessorMTech1.5Ds, dp
Faculty imageS.MounasriAssistant ProfessorMTech1.5Ds, dp
Faculty imageDevender Naik NAssistant ProfessorMTech3DS THROUGH C and CPP,STM and DAA
Faculty imageB.Laxmi kalpanaAssistant ProfessorMTech3.5JAVA,OOAD,OS,CO
Faculty imageV.RadhikaAssistant ProfessorMTech2.4C , JAVA ,OOAD and DBMS
Faculty imageY.Sudha madhuriAssistant ProfessorMTech3.5CD ,OS
Faculty imageP.SrivaniAssistant ProfessorMTech, (Phd)10Dbms,CO,OOPS,CP,Data structures,OOAD
Faculty imageR.AishwaryaAssistant ProfessorMTech1.2MFCS,OS
Faculty imageR.BhargaviAssistant ProfessorMTech1.2DS through c++,STM
Faculty imageD.MadhaviAssistant ProfessorMTech10cp,lp,cn,os,ooad,stm,dbms,ds,is
Faculty imageK.SowmyaAssistant ProfessorMTech1.2IRS,OOAD
Faculty imageL.ManikandanAssistant ProfessorMTech1.2flat,se,wt
Faculty imageG.MounikaAssistant ProfessorMTech1.2SPM,DBMS
Faculty imageB.sowjanyaAssistant ProfessorMTech1CC,WS
Faculty imageG.HimabinduAssistant ProfessorMTech2Is, mfcs, DWDM
Faculty imageC.SandhyaAssistant ProfessorMTech2Lp, os
Faculty imageSrikanth ReddyAssistant ProfessorMTech--
Faculty image V.bharathAssistant ProfessorMTech--
Faculty image S.Pooja ReddyAssistant ProfessorMTech3.7cp
Faculty image S. PraveenAssistant ProfessorMTech4cp
Faculty image D MaheshAssistant ProfessorMTech10cp

Lab Incharges


Photo Faculty Name No.of equipment Area (Sq. Mt) Lab Name
student image G.Prabhavathi
30 80 1A
student image D.Madhavi
30 80 1B
student image P.Srivani
30 80 2A
student image K.Suresh
30 80 2B
student image S.Radhika
30 80 3A
student image N.Sujatha Kumari
30 80 3B
student image P.Srinivas
33 80 4A1
student image M.Pragathi
33 80 4A2
student image A.Saibabu
30 80 4B1
student image G.Nirali Reddy
30 80 4B2
student image K.Rajasekhar
30 80 5A
student image S.Anitha
30 80 5B
student image R.Aishwarya
30 80 6A
student image R.Bhargavi
30 80 6B

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