Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Master of Business Administration (MBA)


  • To provide all round development of Young Managers by imparting professional skills universally.
  • To dispense exposure to the real business world through interaction with Industrial experts.
  • To emphasize on Corporate Social Responsibility.


Empowerment of women with entrepreneurial skills to become future business leaders and contribute to its growth at International Standards.

  • About Department

    The Department of Management Studies was established in the year 2006 and introduced the MBA course with two specializations; Human Resources (HR) and Finance (Fin). The faculty comprises of a team of dedicated professionals with vast experience in their respective disciplines. To bridge the gap between the Institution and the Industry, a student chapter named Hyderabad Management Association (HMA) was opened in the college in the year 2012. This association offers the students with an opportunity to understand the industrial environment, work culture and prepares them for the corporate life.

  • Strengths
    • Dedicated and experienced staff with vast knowledge and expertise.
    • Active engagement of students using modern teaching methodology like audio and video presentations.
    • Fully equipped lab with one system per each student enabling the students to participate in the practicals independently.

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  • Program Educational Objectives (PEO's)
    • To give an exposure on the business environment and organisations in all respects to become good business managers and leaders.
    • To Enhance analytical and problem solving skills to facilitate decision making.
    • To develop entrepreneurial skills and encourage self-employment.
    • To improve interpersonal skills at work and prepare students for multicultural environment in the modern globalised scenario.
    • To instil professional ethics to maintain the image of the organisation and its growth in the long run.
    • To help students build effective communication skills by eliminating their fears and inhibitions.
    • To achieve good placements by imparting special training and also generate references with consistent and sustained alumni performance.
    • To inculcate a social responsibility in the students by involving them in practical social service programs.
    • To offer a blend of both theoretical & practical knowledge through industrial visits & guest lecturers with industrial experts who share the best practices.
  • Program Outcomes (POs)
    • Apply conceptual business principals and knowledge to solve practical problems in business individually and as a team.
    • An ability to develop a systematic understanding of globalisation and its impact on the business, economy and society.
    • Display competency and knowledge in key business functional areas including Accounting, Finance, Marketing and Human Resource Management.
    • Possess the skills to communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing.
    • To define the objectives at micro level and direct the performance towards achievement of short/long term goals.
    • Apply decision making techniques and tools using both quantitative and qualitative analysis, to address the contemporary business issues.
    • An integrated knowledge and ability to perform as management professionals in synthesizing, analysing and sharing the knowledge.
    • An understanding of professional, ethical and legal framework and responsibilities towards corporate social responsibility.
    • Recognize, analyse, evaluate and address the ethical issues that occur at all levels in organizations.
    • Conduct strategic analysis using both theoretical and practical applications.
    • Possess the skills to identify professional issues in a variety of contexts.
    • An ability to demonstrate a critical awareness of current issues such as diversity, social responsibility, sustainability, innovation, knowledge management, talent management.
    • Ability to focus on research on various issues in the business.
    • To teach the fundamentals of the business environment and business organizations in all aspects to become good business managers.
    • To enhance analytical and problem-solving skills to facilitate decision making.
    • To instil professional ethics to maintain the image of the organization and growth in the long run.
    • To improve inter-personal skills at work and prepare students for a multi-cultural environment in the modern globalized business scenario.
    • To develop entrepreneurial skills and encourage self employment.
    • To define the objectives at the micro level and direct the performance towards achievement of short/long-term goals.
    • To take the students to places like orphanages and old age homes to help them understand and realize their responsibility towards the society and the underprivileged.
    • To involve the students in group discussions, elocution and debate competitions on National and International current affairs to improve their knowledge, awareness and communication skills.

    Dr Uppugunduri Padmavathi, Professor M.COM ,MBA, NET, ACMA, Ph.D on “Corporate Governance in the Defense, Public Sector Enterprises of India, from the Department of Business Management, Osmania University Hyderabad. She is a graduate, Rastra Bhasha Praveena, from Dakshin Bharat Hindi Prachar Sabha, Chennai. She is an Associate member of Cost Accountants of India.

    She started her career as a lecturer in Sri Padmavathi Mahila Kalasala, Hyderabad, in 1987. She worked in multiple colleges across Hyderabad in various capacities as lecturer, professor, HOD, Controller of Examinations etc. She visited the University of Texas, Austin, USA, in connection with academic relations and curriculum & pedagogy for Business Management students. She has vast experience in the functional area of Finance and is the paper setter for several autonomous colleges.

    She has reviewed several chapters in the book “Security Analysis and Portfolio Management”, Published by Tata MC Graw Hill. She has presented papers at several National and International conferences.

    She conducted several training programs for National and International participants representing more than ten countries from Electricity Dept, at CIRE, Hyderabad. She was a guest faculty for management students of CDE programs at B.R.Ambedkar Open University. She has organized National Level workshops and Seminars on emerging areas of Finance, HR and Marketing. She also coordinated tours and cultural activities for students of Business Schools and Management Colleges, at various institutions. She focuses on the development of research instinct and skills among the staff and students and supports their all-round development both personally and professionally.

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